Arabic Dance

Belly dancing is the name given to the Arab dance. Danse du ventre is a French word translated into oriental dance, which has been applied to dance in the Victorian era. In the Arab dance, each part of the body is shared and the most distinctive part of the body is usually the hips. Depending on the origin and the country, this wonderful Arab dance has developed in different styles of fashion, dance, and others, and is spreading worldwide.

The dance had its roots in the ancient Arab tribal cultures and crossed Europe during the romantic movement of the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries. Her spontaneity and unplanned nature made her cited as a potential leader of modern disco dance. That was not despite the worldwide welcome in Europe or the United States of America, where in some places it was perceived as brazen and suggestive. That was particularly the case in the repressive environment of Victorian. Although these dancers from the North Africa and the Middle East in all major international trade fairs during this period, dressed head to toe, but still show movements that have remained extremely frightening in some sectors of society at that time. Some contemporary forms of dance were performed.

The oriental dance takes place in restaurants or other places in the world and is performed by dancers, and sometimes men perform these Arab dances. These dances are only dances, but the students complete them as a group. My dance is a favorite dance technique and is presented mainly on festive occasions, such as weddings. That is an exciting Arab. The dance came from various dance styles originating from different dance styles carried out in the North African regions. Arab Dance originated from the ancient Arab tribal religions and some beliefs that Arab Muslim women were the first to perform this Arab dance of the Moon god. There are many legends about these dances, but they are always very entertaining to watch.
The movements of the dancers in the paintings were filmed in the pharaonic era, so it is challenging to mention the precise source of these dances. It became popular in the 19th and 18th centuries in the west and Middle Eastern dancers began to hold many international exhibitions. Many dancers come originally during this period. That is the period in which the Egyptian forms of oriental dance and Egyptian music developed. Many people have been affected by this. Some issues led to the improvement of this Arab dance.

These dances have a varied history of the origin and are developed every day. We have resemblances which may be seen in the Arab dances in India, Egypt, Greece, Turkey and traditional dance forms in North Africa and Spain. In many places, you can find videos of Arab girls dancing, and thousands of users enjoy these videos every day. You can see our website that mainly offers Arabic dance videos, so on our site, you can enjoy hundreds of videos that are updated daily and offer you the best sexy Arab dance videos. We have compiled many types of videos, like videos in Arabic for hot dances, homemade videos, Lebanese girls and more.

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